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Ladder Math 2+ – Math and Numbers educational games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten by kids fun world

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"Ladder Math 2+" is an mathematical game of enlightenment. It is designed for the baby two years of age or older. Through the fun games, babies are in touch with objects, shapes, numbers, expanding and stimulating the knowledge in maths.

The game uses step-step guide baby understanding of mathematics:
● Pattern classification and understanding
● Recognize numbers
● Count
● Graphics, number of comparisons
● Addition and Subtraction
● Logical arrangement


《阶梯数学 2+》是专为两岁以上宝宝设计的数学启蒙游戏。通过有趣的游戏,让宝宝对物体形状、数量以及数字等方面有感性认识,激发宝宝对数学的兴趣。



《階梯數學 2+》是專為兩歲以上寶寶設計的數學啟蒙遊戲。通過有趣的遊戲,讓寶寶對物體形狀、數量以及數字等方面有感性認識,激發寶寶對數學的興趣。


Ladder Math 2+ 阶梯数学 2+ Ladder Ladder Math 2+ 阶梯数学 2+ Ladder Math 2+ 阶梯数学 2+ Ladder Math 2+ 阶梯数学 2+

Ladder Math 2+ 阶梯数学 2+